For years, Subway has been putting


(a chemical commonly found in yoga mats)

in their fresh baked breads. We created The Subwayoga Routine using freshly baked bread mats to warmly toast your aura and transform your mind, arteries and soul.

Just follow these simple poses to namaste. The Subway way.

Roast Beef Warrior

Release the bovine within and soon you’ll be suckling on the proverbial teat of tranquility.

The Flappy Tuna

Convulse like an emphysematous, dry-docked tuna taking its last, wheezy breath.

The Veggie Patty Plank

Lay on your stomach as if you were a patty of mashed up vegetable protein, soy protein concentrate, wheat gluten, rolled oats, bulgur wheat and, oh yeah, carrots. Eat fresh.

Downward Dollar Footlong

The secret to footlongevity lies in the downward dollar pose. Similar to the downward-facing dog pose, but footlong-ier.

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A personal project by David & Melissa

Development: Manny Hernandez

Directors/Editors: Craig Geller & Mike Quattrrochi